About Us

Established in 1965, we at “J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL Stands for POWER & CONTROL TRANSFORMER INDUSTRIES (P) LTD)” started in manufacturing, power & distribution transformers in the year 1966 in technical collaboration with Johnson & Philips (UK), who are pioneers in transformer technology in the world offer the highest quality of custom built & standard transformers and electrical equipment like: Off load Isolators, Dropout Fuse, Horn gap Fuse, HTHRC Fuse, Discharge Rod, Earthing Rod and many more with a wide range of specification choices and as per the specific requirements and specification of customers. Manufactured in accordance with Indian Standard Specifications & designed to meet the Specific Clients requirements, these products provide both practical and creative solutions for OEM, commercial, and industrial applications.

Following a “Total Customer Satisfaction” approach, we reinforce our commitment to offer total quality products. Our customer service representatives, sales team, and engineering group are available and always willing to answer questions, or provide insight into requirements for custom designs. From acknowledging inquiries to following up on customer feedback or orders, we maintain open lines of communication to serve our diverse clients.

Positioned to meet customer needs on a global basis, we are facilitated with advance manufacturing unit and precise testing setup that is capable of delivering high quality transformers and electrical equipments. Our successful business establishment also stands on certain parameters like: customization of products and stringent quality checks. Continual improvement in products and services through research and development is an integral part of our working system. Today we hold a commanding position in this growth oriented industry and have tapped the premium segment of domestic market.

Our Designing Potential

We always aim to establish a long term business association rather than looking for short term business gains. Working on this philosophy, we commit to meet the customer’s requirements, and so design our every product by giving a proper attention to specification given by the client. Empowered with designing facilities, we have dedicated designing team, Emphasizing on the selection of the correct material depending upon the various applications, our engineers ensure that each transformer and other electrical equipments meet the customers’ mentioned specifications.

Our Engineering Section

Dedicated towards achieving our target production with full accuracy and quality, we have got all modern machines in our workshop. Meeting the needs of various industries, our production unit is equipped with all machineries and equipments including: Testing Equipments, HV Testing, Painting, Oil Filter plant, Drying chamber etc.

In addition to this, we also follow some production guidelines that further help us to offer precision engineered electrical products.

Cores: The Cores ar build from non-ageing scale free, low loss silicon steel laminations of cold rolled grain oriented best grade material. The laminations are insulated from each other by hot oil resisting insulation coating which does not deteriorate with age and under continuous operation in oil at temperatures normally experienced in transformer service. The cores are of interleaved construction and are securely clamped or bound together to ensure mechanical rigidity. The normal working flux density are always maintained at 1.55 to 1.65 tesla for stable working of the unit in adverse condition of higher voltage and lower frequency. Adequate cooling ducts are provided to ensure free circulation of oil. The cores are generally of mitred joints, to reduce losses to minimum.

Windings: The windings are manufactured from electrolytic high conductivity copper/aluminium conductors covering with suitable insulation and normally consist of one or a combination of the three main types of coils viz.
1. Spiral Coils.
2. Cross Over Coils.
3. Continuous Disc Coils.
Adequate cooling ducts are provided to reduce hot spots. The windings are carefully dried and pre-shrunk. Windings are designed and manufactured to effectively withstand all electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses experienced in the normal transformer service.

Connection & Tapping: Transformers can be supplied connected for any vector group as per specification transformer can be supplied with off circuit, tap changer, or onload tap changer, In such units the tappings are brought upto links at oil level inside the tank. For large units, off circuit, hand operated tap changing switch can be provided externally and transformation with on load tap changer also can be provided.

Our Quality Assurance

Quality has been the paramount objective since our inception and hence we maintain a stringent quality policy for protecting customer’s integrity with us. The leadership position that we have attained is all due to our sheer focus on quality. Equipped with high quality testing equipment as per IS & BIS specification.

Our Strengths

  • Adoption of “Total Quality Management” policy to ensure timely delivery of supreme quality products.
  • Competency to deliver our order in accordance to the specifications of our clients.
  • Empowered with experienced team.
  • Good tie ups with the respected vendors of the industry.

Industries We Serve: Defence nuclear, railways our supplies, are made to various industries in private & public sector and leading companies across India various government and semi government departments including PWD, CPWD, Railways, Nuclear Plants, and defence establishment including ordinance factories.

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